Frequently Asked Questions


What is Kampd?

We are a refreshingly new business content and community experience that empowers creators, enterprises and users with the freedom to create, curate, and engage with content the way they want.

Why Was Kampd created?

For far too long Creators and Enterprises have had to struggle with a fragmented business-content ecosystem. With platforms built around networking - good content is drowned by a huge influx of irrelevant content. As a result Users struggle to find quality business-content and engage in a consistent community experiecne with Creators and Enterprises.

We at Kampd are here to solve that. We are here to empower creators, enterprises and users with the freedom to create,curate, and engage with content the way they want.

What is the meaning of Kampd?

Kampd is a contraction of Knowledge Amplified. We believe accessibility to knowledge offers the solutions to a better future for the world, industry, communities, and people. Kampd is a platform that builds its purpose around amplifying knowledge by making business content accessible to all and offering the ability for like-minded thought-leaders to engage with - each other, the communities they are a part of, and individuals that look up to them -and in doing so enable creator and enterprises to have the ability to engage with meaningful communities.

Who will use Kampd?

Kampd was built with serving the needs of Creators, Enterprises and Users at its core. Kampd enables:

Creators to 'kamp' all their content, across multiple formats, in just one place and with the right set of creator and engagement tools amplify and monetize their professional brand meaningfully.

Enterprises to 'kamp' all their content, across multiple formats, in just one place and through curated communities drive sustained engagement with employees, customers, partners and prospects.

Users to consume all their thought leadership content, across multiple formats, creators, and platforms, in just one place and through our personalization engine, engage with other like-minded users and enhance their brand by building up their influence and thought leadership.


Who can view my profile?

As of the current build - profile is visible to everyone on Kampd. We will introduce more privacy controls and features in subsequent releases.

My account has been hacked?

In the event your account was hacked, please contact us at

How do I change the registered email?

In the event you need to change the registered email, please contact us at

How can I edit my profile?

You can tap on the edit button on the top right of your profile screen.


How do I create content?

You can tap the "Create" button in the middle of the bottom menu and select Create an Insight”. Pick the format of content you would like to create - videos, podcasts or reads.

What are Insights?

Insights are long-form content creation tool where users can create multiple formats of content or upload existing content.

What is Soapbox?

Soapbox is a community engagement tool where Creators Enterprises and Users can host audio or video LIVE drop-in sessions in a manner that is curated and relevant to the participating audience.

What are Soaps?

Soaps are audio or video LIVE drop-in sessions. Users are able to create soaps at Soapbox.

What is a user's "role" inside a Soap?

Soaps are sessions inside a Soapbox. In a soap, users can be:


When joining a soap as listener, you join on muted audio. It's time for you to be a part of the conversation by listening, for it will equip you to understand and absorb more. You can request to join the conversation by raising hand or by being invited in the panel. Once among the speakers, you can choose to turn on your video or stay in default, video-off mode. You can leave the podium by tapping on your own photo.


As a speaker, you are in the discussion panel who can choose to be on video mode or stay in default, video-off mode. You have the ability to interact with everyone who is on the discussion panel.


You are the one who can start the soap. With your badge, listeners and speakers can identify your role. You have the power to nominate a co-host for your soap, anytime. You can add, mute, and remove any speaker from the podium. You are responsible for the facilitation, review, and guidance of a conversation and its related interactions. Your role ensures usage of Kampd standards or guidelines, adhering to all the content shared during a soap.

How do I moderate the conversations?

Soapbox is the home of conversations on Kampd. As a host/co-host, you can use below features to exercise management during an ongoing soap.

Soap title

The title of the Soap is displayed at the top above the speakers. If a Kamp is hosting a soap, you will see their logo with the title.

User profile

Tap on the user display to navigate to their profile.


This section has all the participants of soap joined in as listeners.

Soap Guidelines

Tap the "kebab" icon to view the Kampd Soap Guidelines. It has details of our set of rules created to ensure a standard of behaviour expected on Kampd to create a safe environment for users to interact and have fun.

Raise hand

This button will be tappable when you as host are open for questions from the audience.


This button allows you to invite your followers on Kampd, into the room.

Mute / unmute yourself

You can tap on the audio icon to mute/unmute yourself.

Video On / Off

You can tap to turn video off/unmute yourself and/or others in.

Sneak Out

To end the soap, you can tap the button.

How do I create a Soap?

You can tap the "Create" button in the middle of the bottom menu and select "Create a Soap"

What are Bytes?

Bytes are versatile, short-form (30s), videos and text posts. What makes Bytes special is that Users can create them as standalone posts or create them on other pieces of content.

Use them to express original thoughts, create POVs on other content pieces or even create Bytes on your Bytes! You are only limited by your imagination!

How do I create Byte?

You can tap the "Create" button in the middle of the bottom menu and select “Create a Byte”. Pick the format of Byte you would like to create - videos or text .

How do I delete posted videos?

Tap on “Me” at the bottom menu and go to “My Content” section. Got to the content you want to delete. You will notice a kebab menu on the top right side of the content tile. Tap on it to access the option to delete the content.

How do I upload my content library?

If you are an enterprise or creator please contact us at


What are Kamps?

Kamps are essentially community groups. Creators, Enterprises are able to leverage Kamps to build, engage and nurture members and grow their communities.

How do I create Kamps?

You can go into your profile or the "Me" section in the bottom menu and tap on the "Create a Kamp" button.

How do I moderate the Kamps and ensure brand safety?

Kamps are curated communities where you can nurture them with personalized content experience and engagement. As an admin, you can use below features to curate, drive and manage quality discussions in Kamp.


The purpose of an admin (or a group of admins) is to ensure relationships and discussions thrive in the Kamp. To ensure brand safety, you as an admin can set rules around who can join and assign roles to other members.


Admins can assign representatives to their Kamps who can help create champion content for you Kamp, thereby contributing to its brand.

Kamps Guidelines

Details of our set of rules are created to ensure a standard of behavior expected on Kampd to create a safe environment for users to interact. You can allow your members to engage in an online space that you fully control. You must encourage members to engage with content, conversations and share feedback to promote ideation while managing the membership.


How to create Kampd Profile?

You can create your profile on Kampd by registering through one of the following ways:

1. Linkedin

2. Google

3. Email

4. Mobile

Why is there no password?

At Kampd we use an OTP method where an OTP is sent to your mobile or email for verification. This way there is one less password for you to remember!

Issues creating an account?

Please contact us at

I haven't received the OTP?

Please contact us at